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Student Council

Holy Family Catholic School has a very active student council . We are proud of the active involvement of our students in raising funds and in helping make the school an active participant in our local communities. Each member of our student council represents Holy Family Catholic School not only at school but outside our school community.

2017-2018 Student Council

Role Name
President McKenna Beardslee
Vice President  Sydney Dukes 
Secretary Lola Fillion
Treasurer William Dickinson
Religious Coordinator Max Gee
Sports Commissioner Justin Mayotte 
Publicity  Gavin Bowman

Kindergarten Rep TBD
1st Grade Rep TBD
2nd Grade Rep TBD
3rd Grade Rep TBD
4th Grade Rep TBD
5th Grade Rep TBD
6th Grade Rep TBD
7th Grade Rep TBD
8th Grade Rep TBD

HFCS Class Colors

Class/Grade Color
Kindergarten Green
1st Grade light Green
2nd Grade Light Blue
3rd Grade Blue 
4th Grade Red
5th Grade Purple
6th Grade Black
7th Grade Orange
8th Grade Tie Dye
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