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Parent Club Agreement

Catholic School Advisory Commission (CSAC)
The overall success of our school depends on the active participation of our families. All parents and guardians of registered Holy Family Catholic School students are members of the Parent Club.

The Parent Club is organized to:

  • Build our Faith Community
  • Support our Fundraiser Events
  • Support all Service Events

The purpose of this agreement is to help parents and guardians of Holy Family Catholic School students understand their involvement requirements for each school year.

Each family is required to fulfill a minimum number of Family Service Points and purchase a minimum amount of Scrip. For the upcoming school year, these requirements must be fulfilled between the following dates:

June 1, 2018 Thru May 31, 2019
* Graduating families must fulfill their requirements by May 15, 2019 in order to receive a clear status for graduation.

Family Service Points
Each family is required to complete a total of 40 points and they can be earned through participation in either fundraising or classroom and school service activities. 30 points must be completed in a fundraising capacity and 10 points from classroom and/or school service opportunities. However, all 40 points can be completed through fundraising if desired.

A minimum for 10 fundraising points must be earned from either the Crab Feed or the Auction events for each family.

The success of our events is due to the strength of our volunteers and their efforts. Parents/guardians are encouraged to continue to support the school even after fulfilling their required points by volunteering their time and participating in the school's fundraising efforts.

Fundraising points are points assigned to activities which help raise money for our school.Points earned do not always equate to “hours” worked on an event. Points are awarded on the basis of responsibility, hours spent, size of the event or project and the financial impact to the school.

Each family is responsible for reporting their own points upon completion of their assigned activities and no later than 30 days after the event date. When you sign up for a volunteer assignment and a conflict arises, please notify the chairperson as soon as possible. It is your responsibility to find and secure a replacement to fulfill your shift(s) and advise the chair person who your replacement will be. The points associated with your shifts(s) will not be credited if you cannot complete your assignment. Family Service Points are not transferable and will not be carried over to the following school year.

Qualifying Point Activities
To qualify as a Holy Family Catholic School Family Service volunteer points the activity or event has to be directly related to Holy Family Catholic School. We respect that many families are involved in community service, Christian service in our parish and outside organizations. We applaud and encourage your involvement in our parish and community, however those hours cannot be counted toward your Family Service points at Holy Family Catholic School. Some examples of these types of activities are:

  • Parish Liturgical Ministries i.e. altar servers, Eucharistic ministers, mass attendance, etc.
  • Planning meetings prior to Fundraiser
  • Scrip purchases
  • Donations of any kind
  • Boys Scouts and Girl Scouts

Volunteer Requirements
All individuals participating in volunteer activities involving direct contact with students (i.e. coaching, classroom helper, field trip supervision or transportation) must have the following requirements fulfilled:

Scrip Requirements
Scrip is a school fundraising program whereby our school earns money through the sale of gift cards or certificates. Each HFCS family is required to purchase a minimum of $3,000.00 of Scrip by May 31, 2018. A family that has a Scrip balance of zero will be assessed a $500.00 fee to release them from the Scrip program requirement. Family Scrip participation totals are available by logging into your Shop with Scrip account. Please note:

  • You must create an account with
  • Credit Cards will not be accepted.
  • We encourage the use of Presto Pay for meeting your Scrip requirement.
  • E-Scrip and using grocery reward cards are strongly encouraged, but will not be tied to a participation level.

  • If a family has attempted to meet their minimum Scrip requirement but falls short, they will be assessed a percentage of the $500.00 fee based on their Scrip purchases.

Parent Club Obligations/Agreements

  • Each registered HFCS family is required to complete a minimum of 40 total Parent Service Points by May 31, 2019 in order to maintain a cleared status for the next school year.
  • All graduating families must full fill their Parent Service points and Scrip requirements by May 15, 2019 in order to receive a clear status for graduation.
  • Each family that has not completed the minimum Parent Service points will be assessed an $1000.00 fee in order to release them from their Parents Service Points obligation for the 2017-2018 school year.
  • At any time during the school year a family may choose to release themselves from the Parents Service Points agreement by electing to pay the $1000.00 opt-out fee.
  • All single parent families must be approved by the school principal. Approved single-parent families are required to complete a minimum of 20 Parent Service Points designated as fundraising.
  • A minimum of 10 Parent Points must be earned from the Fall Festival, the Crab Feed or the Auction events.
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