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Acuity And Act Explore

Acuity is a formative assessment for ELA and Math which assists our teachers, as they go along through the year, knowing how well their students are learning what is being taught. The four interim assessments are like mini stop signs along the grade’s “road.” Along with the question bank which teachers have access to, as well as the Instructional Resources, Acuity’s entire suite is all about our mantra….. What are our kids suppose to know, how do we know they know it, and what do we do if they don’t.

ACT Explore
ACT Explore is a curriculum-based assessment for English (Language,) Reading, Math, and Science aligned with Common Core Standards. Because our students will take the ACT in high school as part of their college admittance requirements, this is the first step in providing teachers and parents students’ longitudinal, college-ready data. EXPLORE helps students identify areas of academic strength and weakness in four areas important for success in college and the workplace—English (Language,) Reading, Math, and Science. Since EXPLORE is a curriculum-based test, EXPLORE scores show the knowledge and skills that students are likely to have in each of these areas. EXPLORE also includes a career planning component design to help students consider possible career options. EXPLORE can provide their son/daughter with an early indicator of readiness for college, provide important information for building a high school course plan, and help him/her identify careers in which he/she might be interested.

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