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Grades K-8 8:00AM Bell Rings – School Begins
  8:00AM - 8:10AM Morning Assembly
  9:45AM - 10:00AM Recess – Grades K-4
  10:00AM - 10:15AM Recess – Grades 5-8
  11:45PM - 12:30PM Lunch – Grades K-4
  12:15PM - 1:00PM Lunch – Grades 5-8
  3:00PM Dismissal
Minimum Day 8:00 AM to 12:00  Dismissal


The school office is open Monday through Friday 7:30 AM-4:00 PM.

Students may be on campus at 7:50 AM. Earlier arrivals must go to Extended Care. Students requiring additional supervision should be enrolled in the Extended Care Program. Any child on the school grounds before 7:50 AM will be sent to Extended Care and the parents/guardians will be billed for this service. You will be notified in advance if there is to be a change in the schedule.

All students must be picked up promptly after school unless they are to remain for athletics or other supervised activities. After 15 minutes, students will be sent to Extended Care for supervision and parents will be billed accordingly.

If children are in an athletic program and must remain for practice or a game, they will be under the supervision of the coach involved. However, siblings of those students cannot, and will not, be supervised by the coaches. Therefore, we require they be enrolled in the Extended Care Program (with prior arrangements having been made with the director) for the period of time that the activity requires. There is a charge for this service.

A note is required for all students leaving school without being accompanied by a parent- i.e. student is walking home, cycling, etc.

Early Dismissal
Students are forbidden by school policy to leave the school grounds once they have arrived at school. If it becomes necessary for a student to leave for any reason, he/she must have the permission of the principal. Once a student arrives at school, the school becomes liable for the safety and well being of the student.

Children are to remain in uniform when leaving school.

In the case of early dismissal (i.e. dental or doctor appointment), a student will NOT be released from class early without prior written notice from the parent/guardian. The notice will need to include the name of the person who will be picking the student up for early dismissal.

Custody And Release Of Minors: It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to inform the school of custody status and subsequent changes.

Any students on campus before 7:50 am or after 3:15 pm must use the Extended Care. The Extended Care Program Registration Fee is $50.00 which is non-refundable.

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